Korean Hand Therapy (KHT): Clinical Applications for Functional Problems

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The Korean Hand Therapy, or KHT System, is applicable in many different clinical settings. Based on the application of the Five Element pattern, as well as reflexology of hand micro-meridians to the organ systems, KHT is a versatile tool for the treatment of common problems.

Dr. Dan Lobash, KHT specialist with years of clinical and teaching experience, explains the location of the hand micro-meridians, the qi flow pattern on the hand, the yin and yang organ-meridian energetic balance, and the application of the Five Element pattern.

Dr. Lobash also details how to locate the 12 micro-meridians from the PIP to the finger tips on the little and ring fingers, how to locate the Eight Extraordinary micro-points on the hands, how to apply the Eight Extraordinary hand points, and much more!

DISCLAIMER: These are the exact lecture notes provided to attendees for the class and do not contain additional note taking.

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