How do I checkout with my purchases?

Once you have finished adding to the shopping cart the courses you would like to take, start the checkout process by clicking on the "Checkout" button from the "My Shopping Cart" page or by clicking on the "Checkout" link in the Shopping Cart box (light green block) on the right hand column.

For New Customers
On the checkout page, under "Customer information" enter a valid E-mail address, username, and password. (Please enter an E-mail that you check regularly; your eLotus account is linked to this E-mail.) Under "License information," enter your first name and last name exactly how you would like it to appear on your Certificate of Completion.

For Existing Customers
Please log in to your eLotus account by entering your Username and Password in the grey box on the right hand column. This will add your new courses to your existing account. Having just one account will make it easier for you to see all your Active Courses, track how many CEUs you have collected, and check your past order history.