Esther C. Su, L.Ac.

Esther C. Su, L.Ac., and M.A. in philosophy, learned Master Tung's acupuncture points from Dr. Miriam Lee, one of the pioneer acupuncturists in the United States, and Dr. Young Wei-Chieh, a direct student of Master Tung. Esther has practiced TCM independently since 1987. With her strong theoretical interest, she has interpreted Tung's points from the classical TCM Theory to integrate Tung's points into the traditional acupuncture practice.

Courses by Esther C. Su, L.Ac.

Esther C. Su, L.Ac.
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Comments from "Advanced Tung's Acupuncture" 2013 Webinar

Comments from "Advanced Tung's Acupuncture" 2013 Webinar

"Clearly speaks from deep experience"

"I've been waiting for this course for months. Very knowledgeable."

"great wealth of information. Her passion for the medicine shines through."

"Esther Su is a brilliant mind! What a talented and generous practitioner! I feel so very fortunate that E lotus did what it took to bring her knowledge and gifts to us! I am simply blown away, reignited and inspired beyond words! Thank you E Lotus!"

"It was a pleasure to have access to such a senior practitioner."

"I greatly enjoyed her articulate and concise teaching style."

"Loved her passion and willingness to explore new ideas."

"Very knowledgeable. Would love to have more courses from her."

"Absolutely Wonderful!!! A gift to us all!!"

"I have the privilege to know Ester Su personally and being treated by her since
about 20 years! She really is a rare gem, knowing what she talked about. I owe her a lot, both personally & professionally. Thanks for bringing her to share her seminar."

"I like how she explains the philosophy behind Dr. Tung's points, the theory so that you can understand they why and where of the points and how you can choose to use them on your own."

"Thank you, Esther! Excellent course!"

"Absolutely fantastic, finally someone is beginning to teach some of the more esoteric information in the appropriate context. Loved it 5 stars!"


"tung acup complex subject and I appreciated her attempting to give some background that might elucidate."

"have a lot of knowledge... we should give her more time to share....Just love her"

"Great speaker and presenter with excellent knowledge. Even though everything is caused by internal imbalance I thought more time would be spent on how she uses Tungs points and point combinations to balance internal disease versus pain issues. I was expecting insight into how she would diagnose to choose the points for organ problems. I do understand that homology and the tissue the needle goes into i.e. tendon or bone is are some of the important ways to treat. I was thinking maybe more explanation of the points connection to organs like the reaction areas.The theory she shared was valuable information."

"excellent knowledge, i learned a lot"

"She was really a master. Relayed the information in a very understandable way. Great notes so easy to follow along."

"i did not realize how much i learned until i prepared for the quiz...i consider the discourse on how formal logic and transendental logic a special interest as a philosophy undergrad and student of esoteric healing and sacred a gnostic only the heart can linke the antakarana rainbow bridge..."

"I like her ideas and spontaneity"

"She's clearly thought very deeply about Master Tung's theories."

"What a privilege to get to learn from Esther Su."

"I am new to Master Tung's points. I loved Ester's course because she gave us background about the method."

"What a pleasure to learn from an accomplished Tung practitioner. Ester demonstrated depth and passion in her seminar and I enjoyed her practical nature."


"So much knowledge in one person! It was a privilege to learn from her."

"It was such an honor to learn from such an accomplished and knowledgable speaker. I enjoyed her insights and also her emphasis on understanding the guiding principles rather than simply teaching points."

"I love her passion and enthusiasm, her mind and her understanding of the material. It was a pleasure and delight to watch this webinar. And I learned a lot."

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