Beijing Men, L.Ac., OMD, EAMP

Dr. Beijing Men graduated in 1985 from Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and began working as a general and urological surgeon. He enjoyed surgery very much for 4 years until one day, a patient presented with severe headache without any pathologic evidence and no pain medications would help her. Dr. Men's colleagues asked him to perform acupuncture and herbal medicine. Within three days, the patient's migraine headache was cured without any side effects of drugs or devastating surgeries. From this experience, Dr. Men began treating surgical patients with acupuncture and herbs to avoid surgery.

In 1991, he was invited to the Virginia Mason Medical Center for training in Renal Transplant and Penile Implant. During the training, Dr. Men saw many kidney failure patients he could have helped with acupuncture and herbs to save their kidney functions. Dr. Men then quit his surgical career and became a full-time acupuncturist. During his practice, Dr. Men combines his surgical and Chinese medical background to create Dr. Men's TCM Sublingual Diagnoses which kept his practice at annual revenue of $200k for years. In 2012, Dr. Men took Dr. David Singer's training and with the combination of Dr. Singer's marketing approaches with Dr. Men's Sublingual Diagnoses, his practice expanded from $300k to $400k. In 2014, the annual revenue will be more than $600k.

Courses by Beijing Men, L.Ac., OMD, EAMP

Dr. Men's Chinese Sublingual Diagnosis and Treatment
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
8 CEUs
Intro to Dr. Men's Chinese Sublingual Diagnosis and Treatment
TCM Wisdom Tube
0 CEUs
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