Comments About our Seminars and Speakers

I can recognize a valuable teacher and someone who is the real deal when I see them. Again, thank you folks for sharing people like Jimmy with the rest of us. And I really appreciate you encouraging me to disseminate what I learned for the sake of the profession. That is most gracious, and it touches my heart. You are the real deal too. -J.G.

I just finished watching the rebroadcast of Bob Doane's Spirituality in TCM: Meditation to Health seminar and wanted to tell you how absolutely remarkable I found it. His ability to explain these concepts and contrast them to the Indian, Asian and Christian traditions was really remarkable! He did such a fantastic job of presenting the material in a lucid, comprehensive and accessible way, complete with his wonderful anecdotes and his phenomenal description of the meditative sitting and walking techniques. Truly amazing, what a remarkable man! Thank you, Lotus, for giving Bob the perfect forum to offer this fantastic presentation and for all the wonderful opportunities you give us to learn with such contemporary "masters"! -D.J.

The Oakland seminars were absolutely mind-blowing. Frankly, I think Jimmy is not only the best herbalist I have ever seen or heard of, he may be the best ever. He is certainly someone who can stand with Zhang Zhong-Jing, Li Dong-Yuan and the rest of the best. It is a privilege to be alive at the same time. It strikes me that these brilliant gentlemen have been resurrecting wonders from the Nei Jing which have been neglected too long. I think putting all this together, along with the other kinds of things your seminars present already, would pretty much be as complete a picture of clinical mastery as may ever be possible to amass. -Anonymous

I love Dr. Tan, he is a real genius! - B.G.

Dr. Chang, Although you only know me from a few live chat interactions from your elotus seminars and as a face in the room where you and your son gave a seminar three or four years ago in Chicago; I am greatly indebted to you for your generous sharing of, Pulse Synergy, Fang Jia Fang, case studies and other miscellaneous webinars. I have tried to attend every webinar you have presented and to work with your pulse and herb system in my small clinic. This weekend I was an exhibitor at a local health expo and took the pulses of about 70 people with a pretty good degree of correct diagnoses. I am writing to thank you from the depths of my heart for the profound system that you have created and shared with us. I hope we can meet in person one day. Until then, many blessings, R.V.

Dr. Tan's class was amazing - now I understand why my friends & colleagues rave about him and The Tan Balance System. I had seen his technique in action with one of his students, M.B., who can't say enough about him, and at my school clinic, but to meet him and see for myself, wow, he is a genius! Can’t wait for the next seminar. -C.R.

Dr. John Chen's class was so informative. He presented the information in a simple clear concise format with a great sense of humor. This class gave me the confidence that the Collection Formulas reach beyond others and are easier for a practitioner to prescribe with the Clinical Manual & pocketbook, along with the confidence of being formulated under the highest standards of purity and safety. -M.B.