eLotus Gold Pass

eLotus Gold Pass REG.$1500 /yr

Unlimited CEUs for one full year (365 days from purchase)!

  • 24/7 unlimited VIP access to all of our online English
    CEU courses
  • 3000+ hours of TCM courses (more added monthly)
  • Access premium contents on eLotus CORE
  • Exclusive Sponsored Benefits!
$999 /yr

$125 /mo
for 12 months

1 Payment

Save $200+!

Purchase this product and receive access to the Lotus Clinical Manual of Oriental Medicine for FREE!


Regular Price
Gold Pass
CEU/PDA Fulfillment

Live CEU Webinars
CEU webinars (web-based seminars) occuring in real time, streamed right to your computer or iPad

$135 /day
(8 CEUs)

10+ webinars every year
Watch for FREE

Online CEU Videos
On-demand CEU videos that you can view and review at your convenience

$14.95 - $447
(1-24 CEUs)

3000+ CEUs & increasing
Watch for FREE

Online CEU Audio
CEU audio recordings that you can download or listen to online

$59.85 - $249.95
(3-13 CEUs)

100+ CEUs & increasing
Listen for FREE

Online CEU Articles
CEU articles for you to download or read online

$9.95 - $39.80
(1-4 CEUs)

110+ CEUs & increasing
Read for FREE
Bonus Features

Downloadable Lecture Notes

Included with CEU course

Automatic Generation of CEU Certificate

Included with CEU course

Access to Clinical Manual
800+ page online reference from TCM experts. It’s like having them by your side while you practice!

Included with CEU course


1. How do I get my CEUs? Do I need to pay extra?

CEUs are included with the purchase of the Gold Pass with no extra costs. A CEU certificate can be printed immediately upon course completion (after passing a short quiz and completing an evaluation), and is saved in your account for up to 3 years (so don't worry if you lose a paper copy).

2. If I am unable to attend a webinar, will it become available as a video later?

99% of our live streaming webinars are made into videos after the event is over. But we do encourage you to participate in the live webinars so that you can ask the instructor questions and interact with your colleagues. If a particular webinar will not be archived as a CEU video recording, it will be noted on our website so you can plan ahead.

3. How does the Monthly Installment plan work?

If you choose to purchase your eLotus Gold Pass with Monthly Installments, you will be charged a flat fee of $125/month for 12 consecutive months, equaling to a total out-of-pocket price of $1500. Currently there are no finance fees with the Monthly Installment option. Additional fees may be incurred as a penalty for late payments.

4. What’s the benefit of purchasing the eLotus Gold Pass in full with 1 payment? Will it cost me less?

In addition to the satisfaction in knowing that you have no future payments to worry about, when you pay up front, the total out-of-pocket cost is lower.

5. This seems too good to be true. What's the "catch?"

There is no "catch." However, keep in mind the following:

  1. All online courses are included with your Gold Pass membership. Keep in mind that some speakers have classes that you can only watch as a Live Webinar, which means it will not be made into a video recording at a later time (this is rare). We will notify GP members by email when this happens.

So there is no "catch." We created the Gold Pass program because it is aligned with our mission to grow the TCM community. We believe that we can build a higher standard for our medicine by providing great education. Through this, your practice will grow and expand, and together, we can help more patients.

6. How do I renew my Gold Pass membership?

If your current membership has not expired, you can renew your membership at our special Gold Pass renewal page.

If your membership has already expired, all you have to do is purchase the Gold Pass again.


“The best deal for CEU renewal. One purchase, get all your money back in herbs, no worries!”

- Mark

“This is the second year that I have had an eLotus Gold Pass and it has totally transformed my practice and my life. I have gained a new level of clinical effectiveness that I did not think possible.”

- Alistair J.

“eLotus Gold Pass is great - you get your $ back in herbs and don’t have to preregister for individual webinars. Plus you have access to ALL webinars so you can attend more than you would have if you paid for each one individually.”

- Madeline Y.

“I want to express gratitude for this amazing Gold Pass membership you all offer for us! I am graduating from AOM school in 2 weeks and because of elotus, my skill and knowledge are beyond what I could ever imagine, and I feel incredibly confident in this medicine! I tell all my classmates about you guys. I feel so grateful for you all and this website/evergreen herbs. Truly transformative :)”

- James C.

“Tax write off, free herbs, profit made from free herbs, the best teachers you will find anywhere…. The Gold Pass is the best educational investment I have made in a long time. Everyday is filled with new knowledge and wisdom. You can’t go wrong. The Gold Pass is a no brainer!”

- Calvin C.

“I’m very pleased with the purchase of the Pass. I’ve got herbs and CEUs paid for and now I can learn all I want without the fear that it will be costing me each time I want to take another class. I’m getting my CEUs completed for this 2 year cycle and next 2 year cycle with one pass. And I’m learning a lot! Very happy with this, keep the great speakers coming.”

- Graham L.

“The Gold pass Has brought me a wealth of knowledge, 128 CEUS in 2013, 88 after this webinar in 2014, and this knowledge helps my patients, now thanks to Lotus my confidence is so high I instill that in my patients . Now seeing 40-45 patients per week!!”

- Michael C.


  1. Prices in US Dollars (USD). Total calculated at checkout. One eLotus Gold Pass per individual. eLotus Gold Pass is non-refundable and expires 365 days from the date of purchase. Any suspected or actual, unauthorized or fraudulent use of your membership or any other breach of security will void your membership. CEUs/PDAs earned can only be applied to the Gold Pass member and are non-transferable. To receive CEUs/PDAs for eLotus Live CEU Webinars, attendees must be logged into the webinar on the day of the scheduled event. eLotus reserves the right to cancel classes and remove any online materials at any time. The Gold Pass cannot be cancelled for the purpose of purchasing another Gold Pass. The Gold Pass is only good for English courses. All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation and/or unforeseen economic circumstances.
  2. If you choose to pay monthly installments, your first payment of $125 is due at the time of purchase. For the next 11 months, you will be automatically charged $125 every month, starting one month after the initial purchase. You can check the details of your remaining payments by logging in to your account. Because the monthly installment option is offered to help our members finance their eLotus Gold Pass -- a complete package that comes with an annual commitment -- failing to pay any installments would result in a breach of contract, in which case a $250 fee will apply and all CEUs obtained with the pass will be voided. A breach of contract may result in ineligibility for future Gold Pass membership
eLotus Gold Pass
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