About Us

Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine is committed to improving the TCM industry, profession, and individuals. We feel that our greatest contribution is through our educational services (live and distance learning online courses). Therefore, year after year, we strive to spread the invaluable knowledge of elite practitioners to the TCM community, so that we can make a difference in your practice and in the field of Chinese Medicine.

We at Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine look forward to your success - we are investing in you to fulfill your potential. Invest some time with us and see that you are Absolutely Worth It.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, clinically relevant information, and make it readily accessible to the TCM community.

Our Vision

All TCM practitioners operate at the highest level of efficiency and efficacy in the art of healing patients, and that the professional practice of TCM becomes an active, vital, and integral resource in the health needs of the community.