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eLotus is the largest online platform for acupuncture continuing education in the English-speaking world. Having invited over 200 top TCM experts to share their knowledge and accumulated 3,000+ hours of board-approved course content, we are honored to be entrusted by 50,000+ acupuncturists and herbalists worldwide.

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With over two decades of experience, eLotus knows the ins and outs of continuing education accreditation with numerous US and international acupuncture boards. We'll handle the paperwork and work with the boards to get your courses accredited so you can sit back and relax while earning extra income.

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Join the esteemed masters and rising TCM stars of eLotus speakers. We help grow your brand by directly promoting your courses to your target audience. Share your expertise to empower and inspire future generations of TCM practitioners, and receive the recognition you deserve with increasing patient referrals, event invitations, and a lasting legacy in TCM.

Proudly serving practitioners and the global TCM community, eLotus is committed to your growth and development!

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