Chris Axelrad, LAc

Chris Axelrad is a Master Acupuncturist, Nutritional Consultant, Chinese Herbalist, and Mind-Body Expert who has built a $750K practice with 3 locations serving the Houston area (with a 4th location in the works).

He is the former President of The American Board Of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, and has spoken at Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, TCM Kongress in Germany, SW Symposium in Austin, and Chiway Institute in Zurich.

Chris is embarking on a new mission. To inspire other acupuncturists to learn and implement serious marketing skills that are rooted in the authentic power of our medicine and speak to patients on a deep, resonant level.

It is, literally, “The Subtle, Yet Powerful Art Of Perpetual Patient Attraction”, and it is based not only on solid real-world sales and marketing principles, but Taoist energetics and what Chris calls “Authentic Tribal Indoctrination”. Using Chris’ techniques, you learn to build a powerful, thriving, perpetually prosperous practice around your mission and purpose to serve your community in a very deep and authentic way.

When you have this dialed in, you become unstoppable. That’s because your authentic message and presence naturally attracts your tribe to you via every medium you choose to implement – whether it’s social media, paid ads, free talks, or community events.

Courses by Chris Axelrad, LAc

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The Subtle Art Of Perpetual Patient Attraction
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