David Miller, M.D., FAAP, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

Dr. David Miller, M.D., L.Ac. is one of the only physicians in the U.S. dually board certified in Pediatrics and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He is one of a growing number of health professionals seeing a need in medicine for more Holistic options. To help work toward this end, he has sought out medical systems that are inherently based on holistic approaches: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Flower Essences.

Dr. Miller sees children and adults, but specializes in pediatrics and believes that children should have access to the same broad range of healthcare options as adults.

He provides options for parents seeking to integrate other sophisticated medical modalities with the allopathic care their children are already receiving from a primary care pediatrician, and for adults who wish to expand their own treatment options.

He also provides options for Western medical practitioners seeking to work collaboratively in order to expand the care their patients are receiving.

Dr. Miller designed and teaches the Integrative Pediatrics curriculum at both Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, and in the Master's program at National University in Lombard, IL. He has also designed and taught curriculum in Integrative Endocrinology, Vaccine Theory, Medical Communications, and Public Health. He is an active Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is Board certified with the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).


Courses by David Miller, M.D., FAAP, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

English Courses
Colic Integrative Approaches
Colic Integrative Approaches
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
1 CEUs
Intro to Pediatric Acupuncture & Herbs
TCM Wisdom Tube
0 CEUs
Intro to Pediatric Acupuncture & Herbs
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
1 CEUs
Pediatric Acupuncture & Herbs: Core Theories of Practice, Autism, Asthma, and ADHD
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
8 CEUs
Pediatric Acupuncture & Herbs: Integrative Channel Development, GI Issues, and Tuina Strategies
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
8 CEUs
David Miller, M.D., FAAP, L.Ac., Dipl. OM
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Comments from "Pediatric Acupuncture & Herbs"

I found Dr. Miller to be a very gifted instructor. It was so pleasant to listen to Dr. Miller, who exemplifies the very best qualities of an oriental and western medicine blended physician. Moreover, his lack of ego, combined with his great knowledge, compassion, sense of ease are all very inspiring.

Excellent talk, inspiring to see eastern and western medicines fuse so naturally in a doctor.

Very easy to listen to and understand. Very knowledgeable and stayed on topic.

he is very knowledgeable in western med. I was looking more for the class to cover tcm and herbs than the western part.

Fantastic! Learned so much. I could never have gathered this much information myself on treating these disorders in Children. Dr. Miller has clearly done his research and has practical experience on the topic.

His info was very well organized and thought out.

He is articulate, speak clearly and intelligibly, knows his material well. He also maintained his energy. I especially like his holistic approach. A wonderful surprise from the the biomedical field.

Hands down, the best speaker I've heard yet on Lotus!

Love his clarity

Dr Miller has an amazing insight regarding both western medicine and TCM perspective on the human evolution and development. It is refreshing to see TCM concepts supported by latest scientific studies.

He was such an expert that he packed three days of information into one. I almost was overloaded.

Very good overview of the subject. A rarity to find a practitioner versed in both Daoist TCM and biomedicine.

He was an amazing teacher. He had a great understanding of the material, and I loved the way he wove spirituality into it.

Very informative

Very knowledgeable and an effective speaker

really a very interesting and eloquent speaker. very clear

Dr. Miller is passionate about the subject matter, making him a very captivating speaker.

Dr. Miller was an amazing speaker. Very organized, great information that I can use in my practice as well as wonderful information as a pediatrician

Excellent webinar!

Very knowledgeable, lots of theory, background and soul.

Tireless! I can't believe how much information he packed into the weekend.

Dr Miller was an excellent speaker: very professional and well prepared.

Thank you for bringing the Eastern and Western mindset together!

he is fantastic, wish he was in LA so i could take my kids to him!

AWESOME, would like to have class with just adhd and case studies. More info on one topic with this speaker. Really enjoyed listening to him.

extremely knowledgeable in acu, herbs, tuina, nutrition and has evident practical experience. highly recommend!

excellent bedside manner with children

Dr. Miller is an inspiration! It is fantastic to know that he is putting his seemingly endless talents toward healing the next generation. I would love to see more CEUs from him.
Very knowledgeable, clear. One of the best presentations I have seen. I learned a great deal.

His integration of eastern & western plus how the physical body postures came into play was fantastic

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