Gord Dewar, B.Sc.,B.Sc.P.T., Med.Acu., Reg.Acu.

Gord Dewar is the owner of Kensington Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Clinic since 1991. He became a physiotherapist in 1988 and a Medical Acupuncturist through the U of A in 1994, with advanced training at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital in China. Gord also provides orthotics via the Orthotics Group. Gord has volunteered his services as sole physiotherapist and acupuncturist for high performance curlers at several events including two Briers and several World Curling Tour events as well as the local Husky Autumn Gold.


Courses by Gord Dewar, B.Sc.,B.Sc.P.T., Med.Acu., Reg.Acu.

English Courses
Enhancing Your Practice With Basic Orthopedic Skills
TCM Wisdom Tube
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