I Chun Peng 彭奕竣, Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Taiwan)

Oftentimes being sick is scarier than facing death itself. Only the most skilled healer can bring the sickest person back to life. "With precise diagnosis and the right medicine, there is no disease that is not curable." This is Dr. I Chun Peng's motto as he brings hope and healing to countless desperate people. Dr. Peng is the #1 TCM cancer specialist in Taiwan.

Son and apprentice of Dr. Zan Zhong Peng, and sixth-generation practitioner, Dr. I Chun Peng inherited the family tradition of life-saving herbal medicine in Taiwan. Preserving the experience of his forefathers, he continues in immersion in the classics and in expanding and developing herbal medicine and treatments for the most difficult cases. Besides training in the medicine, he also received life lessons from his father: with a kind and generous heart, he understands patients who come in with their last hope, wanting with all their hearts to get better.

His book "Yi Yao" 医钥 - The Key to the Medicine - Unveiling the Secrets of Chinese Medicine, is now in its 11th printing, bringing rich clinical experience to wake up modern medicine and contemporary practitioners. Dr. Peng believes authentic traditional Chinese medicine, with its understanding of living in harmony with nature, is the answer to all disease. With more than three decades of experience, he wants to bring this knowledge not only to his son, who will continue the family legacy, but also to any capable and committed practitioners who wish to learn.



長期被疾病纏身是一件比面對死亡更可怕,更令人絕望的事情。只有最高明的醫者,才能治癒病入膏肓的患者,讓他們重獲新生。『通過精確的診斷和正確的選用藥物,沒有任何疾病無法治愈。』- 這是彭奕竣醫師的座右銘。彭醫師是臺灣的首席中醫癌症專家,聲名顯赫。雖已退休,但他在行醫生涯中曾治愈許多絕望的患者,為無數人帶來了希望。


彭醫師的著作『醫鑰 - 揭開中醫的奧秘』,現已發行到第十一版,書中記載了寶貴豐富的臨床經驗,以傳授給現代的醫者。彭醫師認為,正統的中醫是與自然和諧共處,相互扶持的。由於生病是在自然環境生活中發生,而中醫、中藥取之於自然,還之於自然的療效,自然歷久彌新。而透過中醫的科學,生病時,健康的恢復就是這麽的自然、簡單。彭醫師希望,他積累三十多年的行醫經驗與技術,不僅僅能傳承給自己的後代,還能傳授給任何一個像他一樣,學有專精並有志發揚中醫藥的醫學同道。他的願景,是結合大家的力量,一起發揚中醫藥的傳統國粹,依循古脈理真正根治各種奇難雜病。

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