Laura Vasallo, Acupuncture Physician

Arriving in the Land of Plenty (United States) from Cuba at the age of 8, Dr. Laura Vasallo did what most young people do and she started to eat all the yummy stuff. This poor diet led to feeling frustrated and an unhealthy lifestyle, which led to many visits to traditional medicine doctors for pills and antibiotics as the answer. Noticing that she was not the only one with these frustrations and struggles Dr. Laura knew something had to change but was not quite sure what.

Never a person to shy away from life, she enrolled into one of the oldest and top institutes for acupuncture and oriental medicine in Florida and at the age of 24, she became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. At the same time, Dr. Laura also studied and earned her Massage Therapy License, became a Bach Flower Practitioner and is now a health coach.

Practicing what she preaches since 2000, Dr. Laura has become a compassionate and dedicated physician who strives to bring back the tradition of the caring healer, one who knows and understands their patient, not just their disorders because as she believes “The aim of the treatments, in addition to relieving the main symptom, is to restore overall harmony and health to the individual.

Courses by Laura Vasallo, Acupuncture Physician

English Courses
20 Practical, Expert-Approved Formula Strategies for All Herbalists with Laura Vasallo
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
3 CEUs
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