Michael Buyze, L.Ac.

Michael Buyze, L.Ac., is a healthcare entrepreneur with nearly four decades of experience and skill in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine, clinical exercise physiology, and nutrition. He owns and operates East Wind Healthcare, a 23-year-old acupuncture and wellness clinic with locations in Appleton, Oshkosh, and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He earned master's degrees in Chinese Medicine, Business Administration, and Exercise Physiology. He and his colleagues provide acupuncture and wellness programming to people with acute and chronic pain, as well as a variety of chronic illness states.


Courses by Michael Buyze, L.Ac.

English Courses
ABCs of Running a Practice, Part I
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
8 CEUs
ABCs of Running a Practice, Part II
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
8 CEUs
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Gold pass question

Gold pass question: Well has two day class be available in Michael pass?

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