Michael Sakowich, Dipl.O.M.

Since 2005, Michael Sakowich has been a practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

His education began at Southwest Acupuncture College in Colorado, where he studied under the tutelage of some of the state's greatest acupuncturists. Michael began treating numerous sports-related injuries upon graduation and studied numerous acupuncture and massage techniques in order to better serve his patients.

Michael began his post-graduate training in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at Tri-State Acupuncture College in 2012. The training addressed a variety of needle techniques aimed at assisting the body in recovering from pain. Among them is a needle technique that is quite similar to what is known in the west as dry needling.

Michael has been actively involved in trigger point needling since that time, assisting a large number of people in overcoming acute and chronic pain.

Courses by Michael Sakowich, Dipl.O.M.

English Courses
Fundamentals of Trigger Point Needling and Neck Pain
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
8 CEUs
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