Nicholas Corrin, O.M.D.

Dr. Nicholas Corrin specializes in the treatment of complex, multifactorial conditions using unique methods of treatment.

He is also an author, teacher, researcher, and innovator. He has developed futuristic nonlocal methods for treating patients with advanced energy vectors. Dr. Corrin has designed his own Qigong system (Infinite Body Qigong and Iron Ball Qigong)) which incorporates fluid dynamics, bio-tensegrity and consciousness research into a special repertoire of movement sequences with advanced breathwork.

Prior to his career in Oriental medicine, Dr. Corrin worked at numerous colleges on the East Coast as an adjunct professor in the arts and humanities.

Courses by Nicholas Corrin, O.M.D.

English Courses
Qigong Acupuncture to Address Orthopedic Conditions
TCM Wisdom Tube
0 CEUs
Qigong Acupuncture to Address Orthopedic Conditions
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
1 CEUs
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