Peter Fairfield, L.Ac.

Peter Fairfield has a private practice Marin County specializing in family practice, pain and emotional issues. His clinical practice is founded on 40 years of experience and research into an East/West functional model of mood, behavior, addiction. Peter is currently developing a certificate/Doctorial program in “Mood, Behavior & Transformation” (OM Psychiatry).

Fun Fact: Peter toured with PINK FLOYD on their 1989 European tour as personal physician to the band!

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Peter Fairfield, L.Ac.
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Comments from "Treating Mood, Behavior, and Personality Dis..."

Peter was amazing! I was not expecting him to talk about consciousness, the pendulum, and go really out there. Loved it!
well informed, passionate, interesting...provocative.
Peter was easy to understand and I loved that he thinks outside the box of TCM.
Great store of clinical experience
I felt like I could really relate to the information given. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the course outline notes and saw that he has much knowledge and wisdom around my areas of interest.
Very down to earth and easy to understand
He is very interesting. I took a class of his years ago at CSOMA and he took my pulse and told me exactly what my parents were doing at the time of my birth. Even though there were things today that I found too "out there" to accept at this point, I think his qi gong back ground makes him powerful and gives him credibility in my mind.
I very much appreciated Peter's esoteric and universal consciousness approach to the subject matter in this class.
I appreciate the comprehensive approach to answering all questions. So many times I go to CEU courses & the questions are ignored.
very practical course
Peter is clearly very experienced, intelligent, intuitive and willing to share his knowledge
very dood
Great lecturer, and very knowledgeable!
Please have him back! He was fantastic
enjoyed his informative yet unassuming demeanor
I appreciate the self-help exercises.
Really enjoyed his spiritual approach for treatment of mental/physical connection,
lots of great and new information. Really made me think.
Very good class! Speaker is knowledgable, well organized, and well trained.
He was very comfortable with and confident in his abilities and beliefs. He made what he has learned and achieved over his long career appear easy to attain. But I am not sure it is...
I think Peter Fairfield has wonderful information to share and is an excellent teacher. I have used what I have learned from him with great results. I am so happy Lotus has included him in their roster of Masters. Thank you!
Very interesting and thorough presentation.
Strays a little off topic, but great notes!
Above and beyond expectations...He is the first speaker EVER to pay such careful attention to challenging Cases brought by participants & give his insights on approach to treatment. This was an added bonus!
Came across as very patient and kind, with a true passion for deeper learning.
would love to study with him
Very deep knowledge
Great information. More time on covering the material.
Great course. The material has given me another perspective regarding emotional challenges.
loved it!
I liked him, though a little all over the map. But I liked.
A wealth of knowledge and a great communicator whose experience was freely shared. I registered for the free part 1 and after part 1, had to register for part 2. Great speaker who clearly could communicate his knowledge.
I very nice, knowledgeable man
Peter is amazing and does an incredible job of explaining and demonstrating..very clear and easy to understand!!!
He is knowledgable and a true healer. I was hoping for more specific points/protocols on affective mood disorders (ie:anxiety, depression)
Peter is a gifted teacher, I really loved this class.

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