Peter J. Shark, AP

Peter Shark is an experienced practitioner with over fifteen years of expertise treating thousands of patients with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine and Nutrition. His specialized focus lies in treating patients with complex and chronic illnesses.

Through a comprehensive intake process, Dr. Shark formulates individualized treatment plans for each patient using customized herbs, targeted supplements, and lifestyle and nutrition modifications. Many of his patients arrive fully debilitated by their ailments, but with commitment and dedication, they are able to restore their health, function, and quality of life that has eluded them for years.

Dr. Shark's successful outcomes are evidenced by improved blood work, reduced medication dependency, and most importantly, a significant reduction in symptoms and an overall improvement in the quality of life of his patients. He and his wife, Niko, own and operate Gulf Coast Wellness in Pensacola, FL, catering to local patients in-person and those from all over the world through zoom consultations.

In his leisure time, Peter enjoys surfing, gardening, and studying permaculture design and related fields.

Courses by Peter J. Shark, AP

English Courses
Integrative Approaches to Gut Health through Acupuncture, Herbs, and Functional Medicine
Live CEU Webinar
8 CEUs
Sat, 06/01/2024 - 8:00am - 5:00pm
Vital Factors in Treating Long COVID Symptoms with Herbs
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
4 CEUs
Speaker Preview: 
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