Ray Rubio, D.A.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.CH, FABORM

Dr. Ray Rubio has been in private practice at Westlake Complementary Medicine in Los Angeles for over a decade, and was on clinical staff at the Toluca Lake Health Center "a multidisciplinary outpatient medical clinic" for half of that time. He has lectured locally and internationally on Chinese Medicine, and has appeared on radio and television as a guest speaker on the subject of Complimentary Medicine. Dr. Rubio was also the founder of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at the Los Angeles Free Clinic in conjunction with Emperor's College.

Dr. Rubio has been on Faculty at Emperor's College since 1999 where he instructs students in Herbal Medicine and Oriental Diagnosis. He is also a supervisor in the Emperor's College Clinic. Dr. Rubio is also a member of the American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, and he is a graduate of the first cohort in the Doctoral Program at Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Rubio's specialty is Women's Health, with an emphasis in Reproductive Medicine and the treatment of infertility. He works both with patients who would prefer to conceive naturally, and those who will be utilizing assisted reproductive techniques (ART). He speaks to infertility support groups on a regular basis, and he is a member of the American and Pacific Societies for Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). He is currently in the process of conducting a clinical trial on the treatment of diminished ovarian reserve with Chinese Herbal Medicine in patient undergoing IVF.

2016 marked the passing of a inspirational practitioner and teacher--Dr. Ray Rubio. It is our heartfelt wish to honor this man who has graced our profession with his passion, dedication, and brilliance.

We are fortunate to live in a time when the wisdom of great practitioners like Dr. Rubio can be captured and preserved for posterity. eLotus is honored to be part of Dr. Rubio’s legacy because we share the same vision to dedicate ourselves to the preservation and continuation of TCM wisdom. The best kind of knowledge is shared, passed on, translated into the healing of patients, and the furthering of our TCM profession.

Courses by Ray Rubio, D.A.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.CH, FABORM

English Courses
Female and Male Infertility
Female and Male Infertility
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
11 CEUs
Introduction to Male and Female Infertility
TCM Wisdom Tube
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Ray Rubio
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the speaker was very clear & very patient
“Great speaker, very knowledgeable, and interesting. Spoke clearly. Love his notes. A lot of info, looking forward to re-reading it & using it. Thank you! Learned so much!’ “Excellent! Dr. Rubio is modest, talented, extremely well-informed & an excellent captivating presenter.” “I love your presentation. Excellent printed material. Excellent” “Better time management to get thru entire course material. Reserve questions for a few minutes before breaks.” “Really had an impressive knowledge of the subject! I really appreciated his humor” “The speaker was very clear & very patient”
Clear, concise, approachable, humble, and obviously highly know
"Ray did a great job of organizing a terrific amount of high-quality content in his seminar! I've worked with some high-risk pregnancies and infertility cases over the years, but Ray's grasp of the science and of TCM brings it together with wonderful clarity and context, and certainly helps me be more aware of what I already know and what I need to further understand/study." L.C. ‘I’ll be back!” “Best seminar I’ve attended so far thru Lotus” “Dr. Rubio is very knowledgeable; very interesting lecture & information. He needed more time to present material. This could have been 2 days. I would come hear him again” “Excellent” “Ray was great” “Ray is obvious expert and provides a large amount of information (clinical & theoretical). Actually maybe better w/ a 2 weekend course” “Ray Rubio is fantastic! He’s a vast “book” of knowledge. Please bring him back!!!” “Very well prepared and knowledgeable in the field” “From his very first words I knew the day would be good. Clear, concise, approachable, humble, and obviously highly knowledgeable. Great speaker. Speechirythm. Variety. Enthusiastic. Hang outs & lecture so organized; easy to follow; nice large fonts and he adds phenomenal stories and commentary. Brings focus to key areas and Pearls. Phenomenal explanation of West/East simultaneously. I have no fertility patients, but Ray Rubio made the past 8 hrs interesting, exciting, and full of practice and theoretical knowledge and fun acts.”
Excellent Seminar!
“Excellent seminar. Dr. Rubio is very knowledgeable and presents the information in a very clear concise manner. He also provides very helpful information that is useful for clinical practice.” “Dr. Rubio is a motivational speaker. Thank you very much” “Excellent seminar, great information Ray Rubio is a wealth of information for practitioners on women’s health + infertility”
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