Robert Teng-Fang Wu, O.M.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Robert Teng-Fang Wu practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan for over twenty years, seeing an average of sixty to one-hundred patients daily. Now licensed in California, Dr. Wu has a thriving practice in San Diego, CA. Dr. Wu has been studying and applying iridology in diagnosis throughout his career, and has documented hundreds of cases correlating iridology with specific symptoms and diseases. Considered an expert in this specialty, Dr. Wu applies it in particular to sports injury and sinusitis.

Dr. Wu holds Doctorates of Oriental Medicine from Shanghai University, China, and South Baylo University in the US, and is also licensed to practice in Arizona, and Georgia in the U.S., and Australia. He has had a radio show on health for eight years.


Excellent Information!

Excellent Information!
“Excellent information” “Very interesting, helpful – I enjoyed it a lot” “This was my first and Dr. Wu was great! Plus being able to access presentation w/new notes on-line thro email – great!” “This is different + interesting material. It was helpful to have Tina clarify certain points. I feel Dr. Wu is very knowledgeable. “
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