Song Luo, MD, PhD, MPH, LAc

Dr. Nelson Song Luo is a neurologist specializing in stroke and other chronic degenerative disorders. His international teaching circuit includes more than fifteen countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Dr. Luo graduated from one of the most ancient Chinese medicine universities in China, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and served Sichuan State Hospital & Sichuan Provincial Academy of Medical Science for more than 12 years. In the hospital, Dr. Luo enjoyed greatly the weekly Friday afternoon case discussions in the national neurological center. Dr. Luo called it “Friday Afternoon Brainstorm” since there were many rare and complicated neurological cases from remote rural areas or other cities. Many experienced senior neurologists were invited to lead the case discussions. Dr. Luo was invited to serve patients in the neurological ICU. This was why he could successfully serve the patients in the ICU of Seton Medical Center here in Austin. While at the Sichuan hospital, Dr. Luo was called “stair-climber doctor” since he went upstairs and downstairs every day to serve patients throughout the hospital. No wonder he could not find enough time for lunch since there were 4000 beds in this hospital. During those 12 years, Dr. Luo served thousands of patients in various departments including neurological, cardiac, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, orthopedic, neurosurgical departments, ER, ICU, etc. He was awarded the title “Excellent Doctor,” an honor bestowed on only 10 of the 2000 doctors in this hospital.

In the United States, as a professor in AOMA graduate school of integrative medicine (AOMA), Dr. Luo supervised interns taught students in doctoral and master program. He provided direct patient care for patients with diverse diseases in Seton Medical Center, Seton Williamson Medical Center, In-patient department of St. David's Medical Center, Texas NeuroRehab Center, Stone Bridge Health Center, and Reliant Rehabilitation Hospital. In addition, He supervises medical interns in VA Austin Outpatient Clinic, Seton Topfer clinic, Seton McCarthy clinic. Dr. Luo is one of the first acupuncturists to treat patients in the ICU of Seton Medical Center successfully. He has also been invited to treat patients with stroke in the inpatient department of St. David's Medical Center. In addition, as an invited guest speaker, Dr. Luo gives seminars in Seton Medical Center, Stroke Unit in Seton Williamson Medical Center, St. David's Medical Center, and Texas NeuroRehab Center for 21 times. In 2009 and 2012, he was invited by the UNESCO and UNAIDS to Africa and Mexico for academic presentations on neurological diseases.

In 2018, Dr. Luo was honored to study in Johns Hopkins and learned with talented clinicians and researchers from all over the world. Since he has a full-time job at AOMA, his earning the Master’s in Public Health at Johns Hopkins is very challenging. Dr. Luo really appreciated AOMA’s support during the study. The good news is that Dr. Luo has done very well in this intensive program! His efforts, many sleepless nights studying, have been rewarded. So far, Dr. Luo has gained much deeper learning on clinical diseases, clinical trial design, and qualified paper requirement, etc. Additionally, Dr. Luo has passed American physician exams and has Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG / USMLE) certificate.

Dr. Luo’s great grandfather, aunt, and uncle are all physicians in China. When Dr. Luo was little, an anxious middle-aged male knocked at the door in the middle of night. He was hesitant to ask Dr. Luo’s great grandfather to help his seriously ill wife at home. In this extremely cold winter, the 90-year old great grandfather grabbed his medical equipment and followed the man without any hesitation. The image of his great grandfather, which disappeared slowly in the dark, will always linger in his mind. Dr. Luo felt he was born to save patients’ lives, and pass the love from his great grandfather to the future.

Dr. Luo loves the outdoors. He is very passionate about playing soccer and jogging outdoors in a natural park, along a pavilion, and near a lake. He enjoys breathing the fresh air and hearing the melody of birds. He enjoys holding parties, making dumplings and sharing stories with his neighbors, students, and friends. Dr. Luo still remembered the time he and his students made more than 400 dumplings at one of the dumpling parties!

Courses by Song Luo, MD, PhD, MPH, LAc

English Courses
Acupuncture for Headache, Knee Pain, and Stroke
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
2 CEUs
Neuro-Luo TMT Acupuncture for Acute Ischemic Stroke in ICU
TCM Wisdom Tube
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