Will Maclean, Acupuncturist

Will Maclean has been practicing Chinese medicine for nearly 30 years. With initial training in Australia followed by an internship at the Red Cross Hospital in Hanzhou PRC, Will developed his love of Chinese medicine, language, and culture. In 2004, he completed a Masters degree in Chinese medicine from the University of Technology in Sydney. He teaches in Australia at the University of Western Sydney and has taught extensively in Europe, the US, and South Africa. Will is the author of several texts, including the Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine series (three volumes, with Jane Lyttleton), the Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines, and Chinese Herbal Desk Reference. Will's main interests are in areas that are under represented in the Chinese medical literature but over represented in clinical practice, such as chronic infection, chronic inflammatory disease and autoimmunity, and endocrine problems like diabetes and thyroid disorders. Will has developed new ways of approaching these problems that integrates the wonderfully flexible and consistent modeling of Chinese medicine with the realities of illness in the modern clinic.

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