Yaron (Wenwei) Wu, L.Ac., DAOM

Dr. Yaron (Wenwei) Wu is a licensed Acupuncturist in California with over 19 years of experience. He has practiced in China, Singapore, and the United States. Dr. Wu earned his Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. In China, Dr. Wu trained as a Western Medical Doctor and Chinese Doctor (integrative medicine) for six years at Beijing Chinese Medicine University. As an apprentice, Dr. Wu trained in various specialty techniques for acupuncture, umbilicus needling, pulse diagnosis, and micro-modern acupuncture under nationally-renowned doctors in China. Specifically, Dr. Wu is the coordinator and apprentice student of Dr. Qi Yong, the creator of umbilicus needling, in China.

In addition to practicing Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wu publicly speaks about acupuncture for professional groups at UCSF, UCLA, Tunnel Rehabilitation Center, and physician groups. He is also a regular speaker on television shows (Channels 26, 38, and 32) and radio station FM92.3 in Silicon Valley.

Courses by Yaron (Wenwei) Wu, L.Ac., DAOM

The Art of Umbilicus Needling
TCM Wisdom Tube
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