Cupping the Back-Shu, Urinary Bladder Channel for PTSD Patients

Melissa M Monroe is a seasoned acupuncturist specializing in supporting patients in grief and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related symptoms. In her practice, she regularly uses the inner and outer back-shu points for PTSD patients, primarily focusing on the 5 main inner shus: Lung, Heart, Liver, Spleen, and Kidney.

Why the back-shu points? Because many channels have pathology in PTSD and by using the UB channel, all main organs are targeted. The UB channel has points that relate to all main organs.

Plus, as Dr. Monroe points out, “UB points can treat each organs’ repressed, extreme emotions. Particularly fear, as fear is at root of all suppressed emotions, and clearly there is fear of feeling emotions. After a UB release, most patients report feeling particularly tired which is often accompanied by large emotional release. Acceptance of others come with acceptance of Self.”

Here are some great clinical notes from Dr. Monroe’s class on the inner and outer shu points:

  • BL-42- “Window of the Corporeal Soul” with BL-13. (Grief/Worry) Frees breathing Calms Mind. Settles the Corporeal Soul. “Comfortable in one’s skin.” Inward movement.
  • BL-44-”Hall of the Mind” with BL-15. Mental Clarity. Calms Mind. Long retention can clear Heart Fire.
  • BL-47-”Door of the Ethereal Soul” with BL-18. Ability to plan/complete projects. I associate it with “executive functioning.” Outward movement. Combine with BL-52 and BL-23 if the person is very open/vulnerable.
  • BL-49- “Hut of the Intellect” with BL-20. Clears Mind. Strengthen Intellect. Relieves obsessive thoughts/brooding/ruminating.
  • BL-52-”Room of the Will Power” with BL-23. Strengthen will power/drive/initiative.

These clinical tips were borrowed from Dr. Monroe's recent course, PTSD Treatment Using Cupping, Manual Therapy, & Moxibustion. For more information on how to treat PTSD patients with cupping therapy as well as myofascial work, manual therapy, moxibustion, and meditation, check out her presentation!

If you are an Annual Gold Pass Member, find all of Dr. Monroe's videos here to begin your complimentary viewing.

~Donna Chow, L.Ac.


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