Einstein Affirmed Chinese Wisdom by Dr. Yee Wing Tong

This is a MIND BLOWING class you DO NOT want to miss out on!!

This course is a truly monumental breakthrough in science and medicine! Dr. Tong talks about how all physical and mental ailments can be readily reversed and cured by enhancing Chinese medicine with nerve blocks, a therapy he calls Neuro-BioEnergetics.

Dr. Tong also suggests that when following natural laws, you can improve your health, wealth, and even your life and destiny! (What!? Really??) These findings come from Chinese wisdom of Chinese medicine, Daoism, and Buddhism. The secret lies within our mental/spiritual system, the non-physical realm whose energy the Chinese call Qi, which enlivens the physical world. You’ll learn about Qi and its role in shaping our lives in this course and all you have to is to click here to catch the 1 hour recording!


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