eLotus CORE [Collection of Real Essentials]

​GUESS WHAT everyone!

There's a new website in town and its primary focus is helping to make TCM more efficient and effective for today's acupuncturist by letting you easily collect and find resources that matter all in one place. Whether it's information on TCM theory, acupuncture points, Master Tung’s acupuncture, or herbs, this NEW addition to our website is 100% dedicated to our eLotus family (that's you!).

After over 2 years of translating, editing, and designing this website, we are pleased to introduce to you...

eLotus CORE [Collection Of Real Essentials]

The first eLotus CORE section that we released on August 29, 2017 was Master Tung’s Acupuncture (beta version) - you can look up point locations, indications, proper needling techniques, bloodletting therapy, exclusive points that are not found in other English resources, and much more!

eLotus CORE is not just an eLotus website, it is every acupuncturist’s website. As CORE is an ongoing project, to make it better and more useful for you, we welcome your suggestions and feedback at manager@elotus.org.

Enjoy and share the launch of eLotus CORE with your colleagues!

eLotus aspires to be your continuing source of unique, essential, and practical TCM information direct from the source. Thank you for being part of the TCM community and helping to spread the pearls of TCM wisdom.