eLotus Gold Pass (Annual Pass)

eLotus Gold Pass (Annual Pass)

Traditionally, when someone wants to learn from a great TCM Master in China or Taiwan, there is a lot of floor sweeping, toilet cleaning, and chores involved to prove sincerity and dedication. It typically takes, at minimum, 3-6 months for the Master to even consider taking a person on as a student. It is very intense!

But there's good news! Here at eLotus, we bring the "best of the best" TCM Masters to YOU!


The Annual eLotus Gold Pass is your golden ticket to 24/7 online CEU access to the best TCM masters from anywhere around the world. You will have full and unlimited access to live webinars, on-demand videos, mp3 downloads, and research articles for 1 full year from the time of purchase.

We focus on hiring speakers who are willing to share practical and clinical information so that practitioners like yourself can use these skills in your practice the very next day. We have done the floor sweeping for you! Our courses contain the pearls that actually work in the clinic setting and not just theoretically make sense on paper.

How do you get your hands on a Gold Pass?

There are two payment options:

  • Full payment of $1295
  • Installment plan of $125/month for 12 months. (That's like signing up for one live webinar a month with the perk of complete access to our online inventory!)

And even better news! You receive herbal credit for the full amount of your purchase! If you went with the first option ($1295 full payment), you will receive $1295 herbal credit and if you went with the second option ($125/month installment plan), you will receive $125 herbal credit each month.

We created the Gold Pass because it falls along our mission and goal of building the credibility of TCM. The classes you get with the Gold Pass is what people who want to be successful are learning. With less than $4 a day to learn, you get all your CEUs and expand your practice to see more patients!

For more info or to purchase: www.elotus.org/Gold



To obtain the Gold Pass, you

To obtain the Gold Pass, you can choose between two payment options. The first option is a full payment of $1295, while the second option is a monthly shell shockers installment plan of $125 for 12 months. With the installment plan, you not only gain complete access to our online inventory but also receive herbal credit each month, equivalent to the payment made.

This pass covers details for

This pass covers details for the entire year. It doesn’t cover certain areas in the following year, Word Hurdle like a parking ticket or a construction project.

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