How To Explain Acupuncture To Your Patients & Manage Your Practice!

This weekend, 11/2/13-11/3/13, will be 2 great classes with Dr. David Karaba on how to explain to your patients, how acupuncture works (11/2/13) and with Dr. Brad Whisnant on how to build your own private practice and be successful (11/3/13).

Want to get a sneak peek on what these doctors will be talking about?

Check out their FREE 1 hour videos here on our TCM Wisdom Tube:

1. Intro to How Acupuncture Works: Simplify How You Educate Patients and Colleagues with David Karaba - learn what happens to the body when acupuncture is performed so that you can communicate with your patients in this Western world we live in!

2. Intro to Practice Management: Making Private Practice Work with Brad Whisnant - learn key concepts like the location of your practice so that you can do well in a private's not as hard as you think!

~Donna Chow, L.Ac.

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