Welcome to our eLotus Blog!

It has been such a long journey but the day is finally here!!

Welcome to our newly desgined website!! We hope you guys enjoy it because we have worked so hard to bring this to you. There were many late nights of testing and testing and did I say TESTING?? If there are any glitches, please excuse us and let us know. This website has a lot more whistle and bells than our previous website.

Enjoy yourself while you are here!! And once again - WELCOME!!


Let me know if any of you has

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Hello and welcome to our

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Evergreen Herb website
Nancy Gilliam L.Ac.
A friend and I were looking at the Evergreen Herb website and he said that you really needed a blog there. Just what you guys want to hear right now, after all your hard work on the Lotus site! Go ahead and take a break, no need to rush right out and make a blog, there's always Monday morning...(just kidding) The Lotus site looks great, by the way. Congratulations on your "new" site!