I am NCCAOM certified. How do I get my PDA certificate?

After course completion, the NCCAOM will distribute your PDA certificates via email at the end of the day, and your credits will be reported to your NCCAOM portal.

To ensure automated reporting of approved PDA points for PDA approved courses to the NCCAOM® Recertification Transcript, all NCCAOM Diplomates must enter their first and last name and their NCCAOM ID number as recorded on their NCCAOM Certificate into their eLotus account. The NCCAOM ID# cannot contain any characters, letters or leading zeroes, it may have from 3 to 6 digits only.

To ensure we know you are NCCAOM certified, please double-check that you have selected "NCCAOM" as your license board and accurately entered your NCCAOM ID# (3 to 6 digits) in the "License Number" field within your "My Profile" section. Without this information provided in your profile, we will not automatically recognize your NCCAOM certification status.

Important Fees:

There is a twenty-five dollar ($25) processing fee for amending a certificate of completion after one has already been generated. This includes any requests for correcting your name, license number(s), or licensing board(s).

There is a seven dollar ($7) fee for expedited reporting and/or manual reporting per certificate.