Dr. Tan's Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 - 2005 New York

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Sat, 07/16/2005

7 CEU/PDA/CPD accepted by CA (6 CEU APPROVED CA ONLY - Category 1), NCCAOM*, FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA

Although this course is NOT PDA approved by NCCAOM, according to the NCCAOM Recertification Handbook (December 2016, Page 21), "Coursework that is not approved through the PDA program will be accepted [if coursework in] a core competency subject is approved by a State acupuncture regulatory board". In other words, since this course is approved by CA, you can submit this course for credit. Simply print and submit the CA certificate.

Distance Learning CEU Video (Online)

In honor of the legendary late Dr. Richard Tan, this is a rebroadcast from July 16, 2005

Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 is a 3-step strategy providing logical and precise guidance toward using a minimal number of distal points. The Balance Method, developed by Dr. Richard Tan of San Diego, CA, is a sequence of acupuncture systems based on the concept of balancing meridians to heal the body. The Balance Method is synonymous to instant clinical efficacy and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian theory and arises from the I Ching.

In this course, participants will learn Dr. Tan’s five systems, what is Acupuncture 1, 2, 3, mirror and image concepts, and how to select the best points for specific conditions such as carpal tunnel, headache, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis, elbow and knee pain, stomach pain, rheumatoid pain on all fingers, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, allergy, hepatitis, and weight loss.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Understand the five Balance Method systems
  • Know what is Acupuncture 1, 2, 3 and how to use it
  • Know the mirror and image concepts
  • Understand how to select the best points for specific conditions

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FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA


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