How To Connect With Patients & Grow Your Practice

Course Level:
all levels
Access Time: 6 months of unlimited access
Originally Aired: 
Wed, 04/08/2015

Course Type: Video
Units: 2 CEU/PDA
Approved by: CA (1 credit for Category 1 & 1 credit for Category 2), NCCAOM (CW-PE), IL, TX (Business Practice), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA; No approval for FL & IVAS
Run Time: 2 hr

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The quality of your connection with your patients directly affects the outcome of their treatments and the success of your practice. Graham Quigley, an Acupuncturist with over 15 years of experiences shares how the energetics of your practice, how you connect with your patients, and how you address various dynamics will keep your practice healthy and thriving! This course will focus on ethical topics such as trade for your work, finances, creating boundaries with patients, and how to handle sexual energy with patients.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Know if trading for work is appropriate
  • Understand ethical ways to handle finances
  • Understand how to create boundaries with patients
  • Know how to handles sexual energy with patients

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Units : 
CA (Category 1), CA (Category 2), NCCAOM (PE-CW), IL, TX (Business Practice), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA
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