Master Tung Exit Examination

Exit Examination Details
The examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions with a passing score of 80% or 80 questions correctly answered. You will have two hours to complete the examination. The examination fee is $150. Each examination fee allows the candidate two attempts to pass the exam. Correct answers will not display at the end of the examination.

Candidates are allowed two attempts to pass the certification exam. The candidate must complete the two attempts within a one-month period of time that begins at the time the examination fee of $150 is paid for. After two unsuccessful attempts or one month has expired, the individual is no longer eligible.

After you pass the examination, please notify the eLotus team. Your Certificate will be sent to you in the mail, typically within 2-4 weeks.

You may begin your examination by finding it in MY QUIZZES of your account.

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