Masters At Work: Luo's Basic Tui-Na Techniques 基本推拿技術

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Please Note: This course is presented by Jun-Qing Luo teachingin Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles. 漢語原音教學英文字幕

Tui Na which literally translates to “push and grasp” is a hands-on form of Chinese manipulative therapy that uses Chinese Taoist and martial arts principles in an effort to increase the flow of energy to the area being treated. In this course, join Jun-Qing Luo, as he shares the basic principles of Tui Na methods. Luo is the 7th-generation heir of the well-known Luo-Clan Orthopedics and specializes in treating traumatic injuries. Luo has over 20 years of clinical experience and has treated over 28,000 patients.

The specific topics Luo covers are:
1. Zhen Fa 振法 Knocking Technique
2. Ya Fa 壓法 Pressing Technique
3. Zhen Tui Fa 震推法 Pulsating Pushing Technique
4. Zhou Bo Jin Fa 肘撥筋法 Elbow Plucking Technique
5. Mi Zi Bo Jin Fa 米字撥筋法 “Rice” character plucking technique
6. Quan Dian An Fa 拳點按法 Knuckle Point Pressing Technique
7. Shuang Mu Zhi Bo Jin Fa 雙拇指撥筋法 Stacking Thumb Plucking Technique
8. Zhou Tui Fa 肘推法 Elbow Pushing Technique
9. Zhou Dian Xue Fa 肘點穴法 Elbow Point Pressing Technique
10. Cheng Fa 撐法 Traction Technique
11. Zhou Gun Fa 肘滾法 Elbow Rolling Technique
12. Yi Zhi Chan Dian Xue Fa 一指禪點穴法 One Finger Point Pressing Technique
13. Zhou Rou Fa 肘揉法 Elbow Kneading Technique
14. Lu Shun Fa 捋顺法 Soothing Technique
15. Zhou Tiao Jin Fa 肘挑筋法 Elbow Sinew Picking Technique
16. Ning Zhuan La Fa擰轉拉法 Wrenching Traction Technique
17. Dou La Fa抖拉法 Vibrational Traction Technique
18. Ti Na Fa提拿法 Lift-Grasping Technique
19. Ti La Fa 提拉法 Lift-Rotating Technique
20. Luo Xuan Ti Zhuan Fa螺旋提轉法 Rotational Traction Technique
21. Fu Bu Tui-Na腹部推拿 Abdominal Tui-Na Technique

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Receive an in-depth understanding of the basic principles of Tui Na methods.
  • Be able to effectively address different types conditions with Tui Na.
  • Understand how to consistently achieve positive clinical results.

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