Seasonally Adjusted Practice of Tung's Points, Part II

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Sun, 08/05/2018

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the most important beliefs is that maintaining good health is dependent on people being aware of, and becoming in tune with, the natural rhythms of the seasons. There is a strong link between natural rhythms and healthy living which is why it is important to select acupuncture points according to the season for optimal health.

In Part II of a two-part series, Esther Su, a direct student of Dr. Miriam Lee and a Master Tung practitioner with 40 years of experience, shares the importance of Zong Qi (Stem Qi, Basic Qi), the practice of simplicity, seasonally adjusted practice, how to find significant points, how to verify a significant treatment, man’s regular numbers, and years given by heaven.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Understand the importance of Zong Qi (Stem Qi, Basic Qi)
  • Understand the practice of simplicity and seasonally adjusted practice.
  • Learn how to how to find significant points and how to verify a significant treatment.

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CA (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CAAA, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA
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