Supporting and Ensuring Easy Pregnancies, Part III

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Sat, 08/19/2017

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This is a continuation of Part II, which is not required but highly recommended for an optimal learning experience. Click here to see Part II course description.

Heather Bruce with nearly 40 years of clinical experience, is an inquisitive acupuncturist, naturopath, and a Mayan/Arvigo therapist specializing in women's health. Join her in this course as she focuses on what is considered an easy pregnancy, where does Jing (essence) come from, times when a woman can “recharge”, and the importance of digestion to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Moving on from Optimizing Jing for Easy Pregnancy (Part I) and Supporting and Ensuring Easy Pregnancies (Part II), we take on an the elders’ concerns for the future in Part III, this class on Building Naturally Better Babies – what is ahead if we do not make better babies? We focus on preparing prospective parents into a baby ready state to ensure Nature’s intention - optimal pregnancy/ sustainable outcomes - resilient robust offspring to take humanity forwards.

Heather Bruce, after her decades of working in maternity, suggests that Chinese medicine holds the answers for the future - that we could use our Yang Sheng awareness. We know what makes great Blood and Qi. Using Jing as our guide, we will look at the couple and the male and female individual factors that bring about perfect mammalian replication. Heather suggests that deviating from our medicine’s agrarian past, into following the current orthodox reactive medical paradigm that itself does not understand life processes, is not ethical practice.

Reproductive medicine is foreign to Nature. Forcing the body into what it would prefer not to do – carry a potentially damaged child through a broken baby factory (seen through Jing eyes) is short sighted at best. Nature runs with survival of the fittest. If babies are not being conceived, there must be a reason.

Following retail opportunities offered in ‘fertility acupuncture,’ we are ignoring our medicine’s roots and the contribution to society we could all be making. Forcing the body, and the Qi to make potentially less than it would naturally be discussed at length using Heather’s 35 + years of working with couples to become families. The recent arrival of ‘science fiction’ technology and sidelining traditional medicines into being prostituted into an unforgiving future – as the corrupted Jing and destroyed lives is with us now.

As an elder, she sees this conversation as being essential, as these consequences of modern life are playing out in all clinics, all pregnancies, and hence our shared future. Taking on the retail paradigm, whilst not maintaining the farming analogies as the basis of all life heads us towards extinction.

Three Heater perfection leads naturally into appropriate hormonal expression. The 7 and 8-year cycles as written in the Classics guide us. Chinese medicine holds the keys to life. If Nature is blocking sex creating instant optimal pregnancy success, rather than forcing this we undo what could have lead to where nature may know what we don’t – not parents’ ‘I want’ but working on behalf of the soul to arrive. With our Jing appreciation, treating the being to be made, (the baby-to-be) as our clinical focus.

Heather’s extensive personal and professional experience will be woven within this presentation (she is the mother of a massive brain injured, profoundly autistic adult daughter). She will cover what she wishes in hindsight that she had known ahead of her maternal adventures, spanning her creative professional life.

Part IV of this course is not required but is highly recommended for an optimal learning experience. Click here to see Part IV course description and register.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Understand how Jing Markers (not blood tests) are the key to making better babies.
  • Be well prepared to enhance any couple’s likelihood of conceiving naturally
  • Know the steps involved to take an apparently infertile couple naturally into spontaneous easy baby making

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