TCM Face Diagnosis of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases

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Thu, 05/09/2024

2 CEU/PDA/CPD accepted by CA #383 (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-OM), FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, IVAS, NZASA, NZRA

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Embark on a journey into the divine realm of diagnosis with "Seeing and Knowing" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Explore the miraculous precision of facial diagnosis, a powerful method that establishes a profound bridge of trust between patients and doctors. Delve into the intricacies of cardiovascular and pulmonary diagnosis, such as coronary heart disease, through the analysis of facial features and the 10 distinct face shape types in face reading.

Mastering this skill enables practitioners to swiftly diagnose heart and lung-related diseases in patients of all ages, offering a unique ability to predict potential future health issues. Beyond health diagnosis, gain profound insights into patients' personality traits, as TCM theory links the seven emotions to internal damage and disease difficulty. This understanding not only aids in building trust but also fosters a close patient-doctor relationship, facilitating a speedy recovery. Uncover valuable information about lifestyle and dietary habits through a detailed examination of facial features.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Develop proficiency in assessing weakened cardiovascular and pulmonary functions to identify potential issues early in disease progression.
  • Gain a deep understanding of facial features for insights into patients' personalities and underlying health concerns, allowing for preemptive intervention in functional and organic problems within the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to utilize the divine art of facial diagnosis to not only diagnose diseases but also provide holistic insights into patients' overall well-being, promoting a proactive approach to health management.

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CA (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-OM), FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, IVAS, NZASA, NZRA
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