Treating Asthma with Western and Chinese Medicine

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Course Type: Article
Units: 2 CEUs/PDAs
Approved by: CA (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), FL (General), IL, TX (Biomedicine), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CAAA, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA
Reading time: 2 hours

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Internal medicine is an integral part of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Both medicines have advantages and disadvantages in regards to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. In order to achieve optimal treatment results for asthma with minimal side effects and adverse reaction/interactions, this course will help practitioners identify the western and eastern diagnosis for asthma and its chief clinical manifestations. Both western and TCM treatments for asthma, common side-effects associated with prescription drug treatments, and an herbal alternative treatment will be discussed in the article.

Upon completion of this article, the practitioner will:

  • Understand and identify the western and TCM diagnosis for asthma.
  • Know western and TCM treatments, recognize side-effects of drugs for asthma.
  • Be familiar with herbal prescriptions used to treat asthma.
  • Know the lifestyle and dietary recommendations to ease asthma.

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Treating Asthma with Western and Chinese Medicine
Units : 
CA (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), FL (General), IL, TX (Biomedicine), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CAA, CTCMA, NZASA, NZRA
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