Virtual Internship 1: Case Studies

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Wed, 09/15/2021

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Welcome to our Virtual Internship workshop with Dr. Jimmy Chang! Due to the current COVID situation, in-person internships are not available; however, you can experience the class as if you were in his clinic by using our Virtual Internship. Our Virtual Internship replicates the experience of an in-person internship in the comfort of your home.

This webinar will begin with a half hour introduction by Tina Chen, LAc. During this class, Dr. Chang will present REAL-TIME information of patients he recently diagnosed, going over the patient's chart, and discussing in detail their chief complaints. In addition, he will reveal the palm, auricular, and pulse diagnosis; and most importantly, the principles and logic behind his exceptional herbal prescriptions.

This is the first of many virtual internship workshops and is a rare opportunity to fully understand how and why TCM is successful through case studies. Our Virtual Internship with Dr. Chang is guaranteed to enhance your skills as an herbalist.

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