Aaron Zizov, Dipl. CM

Aaron Zizov completed graduate studies in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and shiatsu in 2004 from Medi-cin College located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Aaron specializes in gynecology and Chinese cosmetology at the Zhe Jiang Chinese Medical University and Zhe Jiang Provincial Hospital of TCM in Hang Zhou, China. In addition, Aaron has also taught at leading colleges in Israel and is currently teaching professional workshops and courses in Israel and Europe in Chinese cosmetology, tongue diagnosis, and Chinese astrology. Aaron's focus is on understanding the personalities and the emotional issues of his patients.

Aaron is the author of "Beauty Secrets of Chinese medicine", a professional guide to Chinese cosmetology, and "Tongue diagnosis in five elements model", a clinical guide for physical and emotional diagnosis according to the tongue map in Chinese medicine.

Aaron is treating more than 120 patients a week with acupuncture and Chinese herbs at ZIZEN clinic in tel Aviv, and in "Maccabi tivi", a complementary Medicine of Maccabi Healthcare Services.

Courses by Aaron Zizov, Dipl. CM

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