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Ebola Virus and TCM Pharmacology by M.M. Van Benschoten, OMD

Ebola Virus and TCM Pharmacology by M.M. Van Benschoten, OMD

Ebolavirus (EBOV) is classified as a filovirus, a linear single strand RNA virus discovered in 1976. Outbreaks of Ebola in Central Africa occurring in 1976, 1995, 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2012 were limited to less than 500 cases.  The most recent outbreak in March 2014 expanded to over 8,000 cases involving Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.  In August, the World Health Organization declared a global public health emergency.  By September, the first case in the United States was

Herb Spotlight: Xu Chang Qing (Radix Cynanchi Paniculati) – paniculate swallowwort root

Xu Chang Qing (Radix Cynanchi Paniculati) – paniculate swallowwort root

This herb dispels wind and relieves pain and has a strong effect to dispel wind and relieve itching.

Pharmacological Effects
1. Analgesic: Intraperitoneal injection of Xu Chang Qing at 10 g/kg in mice showed marked analgesic action that started 10 minutes after injection, and lasted for up to 60 minutes.
2. Sedative: Intraperitoneal injection of Xu Chang Qing at 5 to 10 g/kg in mice showed marked sedative effects by decreasing spontaneous movement and reaction to external stimuli, for up to 60 minutes.
3. Effect on temperature regulation: Intraperitoneal injection of a Xu Chang Qing preparation at 3 g/kg lowered body temperature by approximately 0.9° C for up to 30 minutes.

Herb Spotlight: Bai Fan Shu Gen (Radix Flueggeae Virosae) – White rice tree root

Bai Fan Shu Gen (Radix Flueggeae Virosae) – White rice tree root

This herb dispels wind-dampness from the exterior to treat bi syndrome, treats external and trauma injuries by eliminating blood stasis and relieves pain, and clears damp-heat from the exterior to relieve rash and eczema.

Pharmacological Effects
1. Antimicrobial: Frequently used as treatment for dermal infections and wounds.
2. Anticancer: Flueggenines A and B, two dimeric indolizidine alkaloids from Bai Fan Shu Gen (Radix Flueggeae Virosae), have weak activity against leukemia cell line (P-388).
3. Sedative: The methanolic extract of Bai Fan Shu Gen (Radix Flueggeae Virosae) has a sedative effect and produces a significant and dose-dependent motor coordination deficit in mice. Furthermore, it also has a dose dependent effect to reduce the onset and prolonge the duration of sleep.

Structural Alignment Acupuncture with Regan Archibald

Structural Alignment Acupuncture with Regan Archibald

Have you ever heard of "structural alignment acupuncture"?

I didn't either until I met Regan Archibald. In 2004, Regan became the first person in the US to be certified in Seitai Shinpo, which focuses on structural techniques of acupuncture. Currently, Regan is one of only 23 individuals to have this certification.

What is it?

From my understanding, this method comes from Japanese Seitai Shinpo acupuncture. With the use of acupuncture needles on specific points on the back and a few distal (anchoring) points, it can correct a person's spine in 12-20 treatments!

This acupuncture method is extremely easy to use. First, you diagnose the patient's primary bias (which hip is higher - right or left) and the secondary bias (which scapula is lower - right or left). Then, you needle back shu points, focusing on the side with the bias.

And here's something your patients will love:

The needles are only inserted about 3-5 mm (you can go deeper once you and your patient are more comfortable) so there is virtually no pain. Most patients report high levels of relaxation without feeling the needle!!

To start learning structural alignment acupuncture, click here for Day 1 and click here for Day 2

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~Donna Chow, L.Ac.

Master Tung's For Pregnancy: Before, During, & After by Dr. Brad Whisnant

Master Tung's Acupuncture is a very powerful system and is typically preferred when practitioners want clinical results. This is why Tung Acupuncture is so popular!! (it really works!!)

Dr. Brad Whisnant has been teaching Tung Acupuncture for a few years now and has quickly become one of the favorite Tung instructors. Why? He's clear, thorough, and will take time to answer your questions. It also helps that he's treated thousands of patients using Tung acupuncture and has seen some amazing results! Thanks to Brad and his generosity of sharing his knowledge, he brings his next lesson on treating women who are interested in becoming pregnant, who are already pregnant, and also some TLC for after the baby arrives!

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~Donna Chow, L.Ac.

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eLotus Gold Pass (Annual Pass)

eLotus Gold Pass (Annual Pass)

Traditionally, when someone wants to learn from a great TCM Master in China or Taiwan, there is a lot of floor sweeping, toilet cleaning, and chores involved to prove sincerity and dedication. It typically takes, at minimum, 3-6 months for the Master to even consider taking a person on as a student. It is very intense!

But there's good news! Here at eLotus, we bring the "best of the best" TCM Masters to YOU!


The Annual eLotus Gold Pass is your golden ticket to 24/7 online CEU access to the best TCM masters from anywhere around the world. You will have full and unlimited access to live webinars, on-demand videos, mp3 downloads, and research articles for 1 full year from the time of purchase.

We focus on hiring speakers who are willing to share practical and clinical information so that practitioners like yourself can use these skills in your practice the very next day. We have done the floor sweeping for you! Our courses contain the pearls that actually work in the clinic setting and not just theoretically make sense on paper.

How do you get your hands on a Gold Pass?

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Personal Injury Cases for Acupuncturists by Eric Chen

Have you ever had a patient come to you who has been in a car accident or other personal injury situation?

What are you suppose to do?

Attorney at law, Eric Chen, practices in both California and Nevada, specializing in personal injury, healthcare, medical malpractice, and business litigation. As a former Acupuncturist himself, Eric shares what you, as an Acupuncturist, should do when handing a person injury matter from the patient's first visit to getting paid at the end of the day. Eric will cover suggestions on writing reports, what to do with liens, and the litigation process.

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~Donna Chow, L.Ac.

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PCOS: Getting to the Root of Infertility by Michelle Buchanan

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder that affects young menstruating women and is the leading cause of infertility in younger women. Currently, it is believed to have a strong genetic component and it affects metabolic, reproductive and detoxification systems. According U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, PCOS affects 1 in 10 women and as many as 5 million women!

Learn more about PCOS with Michelle Buchanan, a certified Acupuncturist who specializes in specializes in male and female fertility enhancement since 2002, as she shares what exactly is PCOS, how to diagnosis it, how it affects fertility, and treatment protocols from both Western Medicine and TCM.

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~Donna Chow, L.Ac.

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Marketing Your Practice: Zero to 15 Patients a Day by Zubin Dah

Staring your own practice AND your own business may be daunting, especially if you have zero experience. Building your acupuncture practice takes effort, time, and money. So where do you start? Dr. Zubin Dah, a chiropractor and acupuncturist, who runs a thriving clinic of 15-20 patients a day after only 2 years in practice, shares business building tips you can start implementing right away in your practice, marketing strategies, and how to network with the right people.

Here's the first tip!

How do you create a strong website?

  • Register your website with the top search engines
  • Add your location and site to Google places
  • Have keyword density throughout your website, most importantly in your "title tag" and "page header"

Learn more tips by watching the 1 hr video recording. Click here to catch it on the TCM Wisdom Tube!

~Donna Chow, L.Ac.

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TCM Pharmacology of Herpesvirus Infections by M.M. Van Benschoten, OMD

TCM Pharmacology of Herpesvirus Infections by M.M. Van Benschoten, OMD

Herpesviruses are common infections in humans and animals. Herpes simplex (HSV I and II), cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein Barr virus (EBV), Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV), Human Herpes Viruses HHV6, 7, and 8 all are characterized by an initial infection followed by latency and reactivation. Latent infection does not kill the host cell as viral DNA persists in a circular form with low levels of viral transcription.

Herpes Simplex Virus I and II generate blistering lesions of the mouth or genitals caused by axonal transport of viral particles along nerve cells. Viral shedding may occur even in the latent state. Herpes keratitis is an ocular infection that can damage vision. HSV I replication in the facial nerve is related to onset of Bell’s palsy, and HSV I causes 10% of all cases of viral encephalitis in the U.S. Herpes gladiatorum originates by skin to skin transmission during athletic competition. Recurrences may be triggered by stress, multiple infections, immunosuppressive drugs, or toxic environmental exposures. HSV II infections are sexually transmitted and associated with fertility disorders.

Cytomegalovirus, also known as CMV or HHV-5, is usually asymptomatic and infects 50-80% of the human population. CMV may be a contributing factor in the development of atherosclerosis and diabetes according to several studies. In immunosuppressed patients due to chemotherapy, transplant drugs, or HIV, reactivation of CMV may result in esophagitis, encephalitis, pneumonia, or retinitis. New onset schizophrenia and fatigue in breast cancer patients can be correlated to CMV activity.

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