Pulsynergy Made Easy, Part III

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Sun, 08/02/2009

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This is a continuation of Part II, which is highly recommended for an optimal learning experience. Click here to see the course description for Part II.

How confident are you in pulse diagnosis? Are you able to feel a pulse and automatically diagnose TCM syndromes and western biomedical conditions within seconds?

You CAN with Jimmy Chang's Pulse Diagnosis system!

Often regarded as the Godfather of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, Dr. Jimmy Chang is the inventor and author of Pulsynergy, a system of pulse diagnosis in which many of his students are now teaching with their own interpretation. Unique and unlike the traditional pulse diagnostic system taught in TCM schools, Dr. Chang shares over 40 years of innovative, clinical, and 500,000 and more patient experience to introduce his pulse system and how to effectively utilize pulse taking to its full diagnostic potential. Furthermore, Dr. Chang shares his thinking behind how he prescribes herbal formulations based on both TCM and western perspectives.

In part I of this three part series, Dr. Chang explains the fundamentals of his style of pulse taking, including the precise cun, guan, chi locations, finger positions, and organ correlations. He breaks down the mechanics of the pulse so you can properly understand the basics of what you should be feeling for. He will then move on to talk about vital sign diagnosis using a TCM analysis of blood pressure and heart rate, inspection methods used in conjunction with pulse diagnosis such as visual inspection, auricular medicine, blood pressure, and heart rate.

In part II, learn Dr. Chang's Pulsynergy "Special Pulses," which reflects today's most commonly seen conditions, such as angina pectoris, gallstones, high cholesterol, and more. Dr. Chang breaks down the pulses into their basic components—shape, jump, and level—and explains their significance and general indications. Beyond that, learn the pulses of the Eight Extra meridians and their significance. The information divulged in this class cannot be found in any classic or contemporary books.

In part III, Dr. Chang teaches pulses according to the pulse positions. He explains in great length the most commonly seen pulses in each of the cun, guan, and chi position on both arms and their indications in terms of modern biomedical conditions. In addition, Dr. Chang correlates herbal formulas to the different conditions revealed by the pulses found on each of the pulse positions.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Know the most commonly seen pulses and their clinical significance in the LU, SP, and KI (Urinary functions) positions. Specific conditions include, but are not limited to, upper respiratory infection (viral), influenza, acid reflux, H. pylori infection and other bacterial infections, chronic superficial gastritis, kidney stones, bone spurs, prostate enlargement, frozen shoulder, urinary tract infections, and past traumatic injuries.
  • Know the most commonly seen pulses and their clinical significance in the HT, LV, and KI (Reproductive functions) positions. Specific conditions include, but are not limited to, infertility, low libido, impotence, hemorrhoids, constipation, skin allergies, emotional imbalance, and Liver organ function disorders.
  • Be able to correlate herbal formulas to the different pulses felt on each of the cun, guan, and chi position.

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Pulsynergy Made Easy Part III
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CA (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-BIO), FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CAA, CTCMA, IVAS, NZASA, NZRA
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Practitioner Feedback from Course Evaluation
Jimmy Change is incredibly knowledgeable about pulses and herbs.... humbling to listen to.
Practitioner Feedback from Course Evaluation
Love Jimmy Chang!! I love how much he shares his knowledge and how clearly he delivers the information.
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