TCM Palm Diagnosis and Introduction to Organ Balance Acupuncture and Pulse Diagnosis

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Sat, 03/20/2021

Please Note: This course is presented by Dr. Heng-Wei Chang teaching, with English voiceover and subtitles.

8 CEU/PDA/CPD accepted by CA #383 (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-OM), FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, IVAS, NZASA, NZRA

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  • Discover your patient's medical conditions and their personality from the palm of their hands
  • Identify primary lines (Heart, Love, Life) on the palm of the hands and learn what conditions they represent
  • Discover Organ Balance Acupuncture and how it relates to Nan Jing, Five Shu points, Luo Point, Back Shu Points, and 5 Zang Bie Tong points
  • Understand the basics of Organ Balance Acupuncture
  • Learn palm diagnosis fundamentals of the Organ Balance theory
  • Understand how personality affects development of certain diseases
  • How to identify past, present, and future diseases

Before needling, do you take the pulse, look at the palm? After taking the pulse and determining if the internal organs are in excess, deficiency, hot, or cold, do you know how to select the right points and herbs? What points would you use for deficiency disorders? For excess? For cold or hot? For qi, blood, or phlegm stagnation?

In the first part of the course, Dr. Chang goes over the palm of the hands. The palms not only show the personality of the person, but also their physical medical conditions. Therefore, looking at the palm is a very important component for diagnosis. TCM Palm Diagnosis can offer insights on what past diseases the patient has suffered, current issues, as well as see propensities for disorders in which the patient may develop. Plus, learn the significance of shapes, lines, color, patterns

In the second half of the course, Dr. Chang will share an introduction to his Organ Balance Acupuncture and how it relates to the Nan Jing, Five Shu points, Luo points, Back Shu points, and 5 Zang Bie Tong points. The Organ Balance Acupuncture method unites the essence of TCM theory, clinical pathology, diagnostic techniques, and treatment protocols so that you can quickly implement and effectively treat internal medicine diseases.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Learn an overview and introduction to TCM Palm Diagnosis
  • Learn about the Heart Line, Love  Line, and Life Line, plus associated diseases
  • Learn fundamentals of Organ Balance Acupuncture and its relationship to pulse diagnosis
  • Identify and understand the significance of branch lines, bushy lines, tassel lines, wave lines, triangular pattern, square pattern, mesh line pattern, stars, circles, spots, chain, and island patterns.

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CA (Category 1), NCCAOM (AOM-OM), FL (General), IL, TX (General), AHPRA, AFPA, BAcC, CTCMA, IVAS, NZASA, NZRA
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