eLotus Chinese Gold Pass 中文課吃到飽 年費金卡

eLotus Chinese Gold Pass 中文課吃到飽 年費金卡定價$1395 /年

中文認證課程 不限學分 + 獨享贊助優惠 → 一卡包辦!
Unlimited CEUs with pro perks, hassle-free!

  • 包年訂閱 eLotus 的中文線上課程(張蔚炎醫師課程除外),包含學分認證的 LIVE 直播講座和遠距教學錄播課程 (Yearly subscription to our Chinese LIVE CEU Webinars and Distance Learning Courses * excluding courses from Dr. Jimmy Chang *)
  • 中文教學的中醫藥相關課程 通過繼續教育學分認證 累計超過 280+ 小時 - 新課程陸續加入中 (280+ hours of Board Approved TCM content taught in Chinese - more added as scheduled)
  • 訂閱期間可無限查閱 eLotus 的全方位中醫藥看診資源 - CORE 上的獨家付費內容 (Premium access to our TCM resource center, CORE)
  • 超值加贈 贊助商金卡獨享折扣優惠! (Exclusive Sponsored Benefits!)
  • NEW 自動以最優惠價格續費下一年度金卡 自動續費可隨時一鍵關閉
    (Auto Renew with easy membership management (on|off))

$100 /mo
11 installments after a
$499 First Payment

1-Year Paid Monthly

for the 1st year
Save $205 off orig. price

Annual Subscription


包年訂閱 Annual Subscription

Purchase this product and receive access to the Lotus Clinical Manual of Oriental Medicine for FREE!


單買課程 Reg. Price
中文課吃到飽金卡 Chinese Gold Pass
繼續教育認證學分 CEU/PDA Fulfillment

學分認證 中文直播線上講座
Live Chinese CEU Webinars

Live-streaming online classes that you may participate in real-time by using your computer or device.

$18 - $20 /CEU
每學分平均約 $18 - $20

16 CEUs scheduled this year
含今年所有已開課程 共 16 學分

學分認證 中文線上視頻課程
Online CEU Videos

On-demand video courses that you can watch at your convenience

$29.95 - $447
(2-24 CEUs)

260+ CEUs
含今年所有已開課程 逾 260+ 學分

學分認證 中文線上音頻課程
Online CEU Audio

On-demand audio courses that you can listen at your convenience


會員期間 將包含所有新增課程

學分認證 中文線上閱讀課程
Online CEU Articles

On-demand audio courses that you can read at your convenience


會員期間 將包含所有新增課程
超值附加 Bonus Features

課程講義 Lecture Notes

Included with CEU course

繼續教育學分證書 CEU Certificate

Included with CEU course

Clinical Manual of Oriental Medicine

A comprehensive reference guide compiled by the industry's top experts.

Online Access included with CEU course

A TCM resource center by eLotus, featuring Master Tung acupuncture!

Basic access

自動續會員功能 Auto Renew NEW
Extend your Gold Pass always at the best price, guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I earn CEUs? Do I need to pay extra?

CEUs are included with the purchase of the Gold Pass with no extra costs. A CEU certificate can be printed immediately upon course completion (after passing a short quiz and completing an evaluation), and is saved in your account for up to 3 years.

2. If I am unable to attend a webinar, will it become available as a video course later?

99% of our live streaming webinars are made into videos after the event is over. But we do encourage you to participate in the live webinars so that you can ask the instructor questions and interact with your colleagues. If a particular webinar will not be archived as a CEU video recording, it will be noted on our website so you can plan ahead.

3. How do the Monthly Installments work?

A payment of $499 is due at the time of purchase. The remaining cost will be split into 11 monthly payments of $100, starting one month after the initial purchase. Currently there are no finance fees with the Monthly Installment option. Additional fees may be incurred as a penalty for late payments.

4. What’s the benefit of purchasing the Gold Pass on Annual Subscription?

In addition to saving $200+ on Gold Pass for the first year, with Auto Renew, you further lock in your subsequent renewals at the best possible rate (40% OFF regular price) with all the benefits (including herb voucher and needle discounts) that make it the best value in the industry for acupuncture CEUs!

5. This seems too good to be true. What's the "catch?"

There is no "catch." We created the Gold Pass program because it aligns with our mission to elevate our TCM community. We believe that we can build a higher standard for our medicine by providing great education. Through this, your practice will grow and expand, and together, we can help more patients.

6. How do I manage my Gold Pass Auto Renew?

Your Gold Pass membership will Auto Renew yearly (365 days) on the original purchase date. If you wish to turn off Auto Renew, you can make the change on your Gold Pass member page at any time before the next renewal. Please note that our Auto Renew rate is eligible only for active Gold Pass members.

If your membership has already expired, all you have to do is purchase the Gold Pass again from this page.

7. How does Auto Renew work if I 'Gift A Friend' a Gold Pass?

When gifting a Gold Pass membership, neither the benefactor nor beneficiary will enroll in Auto Renew. The benefactor's payment information is never saved on the beneficiary's account. When the beneficiary's Gold Pass membership expires, they are welcome to re-join by purchasing the Gold Pass from this page.


“This is the second year that I have had an eLotus Gold Pass and it has totally transformed my practice and my life. I have gained a new level of clinical effectiveness that I did not think possible.”

- Alistair J.

“eLotus Gold Pass is great - you get your $ back in herbs and don’t have to preregister for individual webinars. Plus you have access to ALL webinars so you can attend more than you would have if you paid for each one individually.”

- Madeline Y.

“I want to express gratitude for this amazing Gold Pass membership you all offer for us! I am graduating from AOM school in 2 weeks and because of elotus, my skill and knowledge are beyond what I could ever imagine, and I feel incredibly confident in this medicine! I tell all my classmates about you guys. I feel so grateful for you all and this website/evergreen herbs. Truly transformative :)”

- James C.

“I wanted to say that I [renewed my gold pass] out of my gratitude and respect. ELotus and Evergreen is a generous company with a great insight and investment into the future of TCM. Good luck and prosperity to all of you.”

- Edita Sussman, LAc

“The best deal for CEU renewal. One purchase, get all your money back in herbs, no worries!”

- Mark

“Tax write off, free herbs, profit made from free herbs, the best teachers you will find anywhere…. The Gold Pass is the best educational investment I have made in a long time. Everyday is filled with new knowledge and wisdom. You can’t go wrong. The Gold Pass is a no brainer!”

- Calvin C.

“I’m very pleased with the purchase of the Pass. I’ve got herbs and CEUs paid for and now I can learn all I want without the fear that it will be costing me each time I want to take another class. I’m getting my CEUs completed for this 2 year cycle and next 2 year cycle with one pass. And I’m learning a lot! Very happy with this, keep the great speakers coming.”

- Graham L.

“The Gold pass Has brought me a wealth of knowledge, 128 CEUS in 2013, 88 after this webinar in 2014, and this knowledge helps my patients, now thanks to Lotus my confidence is so high I instill that in my patients . Now seeing 40-45 patients per week!!”

- Michael C.

贊助商折扣優惠 Sponsored Benefits - 金卡會員獨享 Gold Pass Exclusive!
  • 本優惠限電話訂購使用 Phone orders only: (800) 672-2726 (免付費號碼 toll-free).
  • 關於如何使用本優惠的細節,在您的中文課吃到飽金卡的購買確認電郵中,有更詳細的說明 Additional instructions in your Chinese Gold Pass confirmation email on how to apply the offer.


  1. *以上價格以美元 (USD) 計費。 結帳時計算的總計。 由於貨幣波動和/或不可預見的經濟情況,所有價格如有更改,恕不另行通知。 eLotus Chinese Gold Pass 中文課吃到飽金卡,自購買之日起 365 天到期,包含 eLotus 線上的中文漢語課程。中文課吃到飽金卡*不包含*張蔚炎醫師所授中文課程、特別活動(及其視頻記錄)及任何線下實體講座。金卡會員一但生效,不可退款、不可轉讓、不可取消,並且僅供實際註冊之金卡會員使用。任何懷疑或實際、未經授權或欺詐性使用金卡會員資格,以及任何其他違反安全規定的行為都將導致會員資格被撤銷。eLotus 保留隨時取消課程和刪除任何在線資料的權利。要獲得 Live CEU 網絡研討會的繼續教育學分,會員必須在課程當日同步參加直播的線上講座。Prices in US Dollars (USD). Total calculated at checkout. All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation and/or unforeseen economic circumstances. The eLotus Gold Pass is an annual membership that expires 365 days from the purchase date and is valid for English courses only. Special Events (and their recordings), multilingual courses (Chinese/Spanish), in-person seminars, and Workshops are not included with Gold Pass membership. Membership is non-refundable, non-transferable, non-cancellable, and is intended for use by the registered member only. Any suspected or actual, unauthorized or fraudulent use of membership or any other breach of security will result in revocation of membership. eLotus reserves the right to cancel classes and remove any online materials at any time. To receive continuing education credits for Live CEU Webinars, members must attend the live-streaming online webinar at the scheduled date and time.
  2. **eLotus Chinese Gold Pass 中文課吃到飽金卡為年費會員訂閱制,每年自動續訂(以 1 年為週期)。 在您下次續訂之前,可以隨時關閉下一年的自動續訂;在當前的 1 年會員期到期之前,您的金卡會員資格有效。會員資格不可退款、不可轉讓且不可取消。中文課吃到飽金卡的起始會員年費與自動續訂費率的價格可能會發生變化。購買前請詳閱會員條款。The eLotus Gold Pass is an annual membership subscription that auto renews on a yearly basis (1-year cycle). Auto Renew can be turned off for the following year anytime before your next renewal; your active membership is good until the current 1-year term expires. Membership is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-cancellable. Price on the Gold Pass/Gold Pass Auto Renew rate is subject to change. Please read our general Terms & Conditions thoroughly before purchasing.
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