Chong He 何崇, DiplOM

1983年毕业于南京中医药大学,其后在该校分别获硕士与博士学位,曾在南京中医药大学第二附院,南京中医药大学第二临床医学院从事临床,科研及教学工作,曾参与并主持过针灸对帕金森病的研究,针灸治疗中风的研究,卫生部《穴位穴典》的研究项目等,并在德国与英国从事过针灸的临床工作。参加过卫生部组织的《针灸学》高级参考资料的编写工作,编著了《百年百名中医——邱茂良》等十多部书稿, 发表过30多篇论文。主要从事针灸及中医对神经精神系统疾病,眼科疾病的临床研究工作。现为Oriental Asclepius, Inc CEO,大西洋中医学院教授,Everglade University 教授,全美中医药学会副会长。

Doctor Chong He:
Dr. He graduated from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1983, he then obtained his master and doctor degrees at the same school. He used to work in clinical, scientific research and teaching at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of TCM and the Second Clinical Medical College of Nanjing University of TCM. He has participated in and presided over the research on acupuncture treatment for Parkinson's disease and stroke. Dr. He also took part in the research project of the “Acupoints Collection” held by the Ministry of Health. Moreover, he has been engaged in the clinical work of acupuncture in Germany and the United Kingdom. He helped prepare the advanced reference materials of "Science of Acupuncture and Moxibustion ” organized by the Ministry of Health. Besides, he has compiled more than 10 manuscripts such as "The History of Hundreds of Chinese Medicine Practitioners - Qiu Maoliang" and published more than 30 papers. He mainly devoted to acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the clinical research of neuropsychiatric diseases, ophthalmic diseases. He is currently the CEO of Oriental Asclepius, Inc., the professor of Atlantic College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the professor of Everglade University, as well as the Vice President of the American National Association of Chinese Medicine.

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TCM Ophthalmology - Differential Diagnosis
TCM Wisdom Tube
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