David Cohen, LAc

David Cohen has over 33 years of clinical and teaching experience in Chinese Medicine. In the early years of his practice, he was one of the pioneers in the treatment of HIV/AIDS with Chinese Medicine in Southern California. David noticed quite early how the patient's emotional state influenced clinical outcomes, and designed a study to assess these outcomes which he presented at the International Association for HIV and Chinese Medicine at Columbia University in 1995. Since that time, David has attempted to integrate Taoist spiritual principles with his own personal clinical experiences in order to better educate patients on their lifestyle choices. At the same time, he has made treatment of liver patterns the focal point of his clinical practice.

Courses by David Cohen, LAc

English Courses
In Council With the General: Stress and the Liver
TCM Wisdom Tube
0 CEUs
In Council With the General: Stress and the Liver
Distance Learning - CEU Video Recording
1 CEUs
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